Meeting out on the WWW

One of my favourite theories is that one reason many of the artists and makers I know become a little eccentric is that they spend too much time working with only their insecurities for company. It’s not good for them and it certainly isn’t good for me. So, when I discovered the Kiln Rooms, I blessed them. They were full of friendly and supportive people. Perhaps, if I was to be a born-again potter after a thirty year lay off, there would be hope for me. Then the C word (coronavirus). We were all sent home. The Kiln Rooms closed. At one time it wouldn’t have bothered me but I’d rediscovered the making habit and I didn’t want to give it up.

Then yesterday evening I met up with a bunch of my Kiln Room mates, curtesy of Skype. It was great. All struggling to make something meaningful without access to a kiln or glazes. All, I’m guessing, having to find a place where we can make a mess or resort to some other material.    

It was so good to meeting friends out on the great WWW, to see them still doing their thing with the magic mud or abandoning it in favor of cardboard or straws and tangerine peal. So creative and just so good to be around makers again. It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to hang on in there and keep making. Now I can’t wait till next time to see what everyone is up to.