Robert S Silver Pottery

About Robert Silver

The Pots

Friends have described my pots as Post Industrial, Steam Punk and Art Deco-meets-Leach. All are labels I can live with and all  imply a little attitude - which I like. However, what I really like is the idea that people should want to use my work, ideally every day.

I'm primarily a thrower and make small batches of domestic ware which include lots of jugs (I enjoy the hand-building element of joining handles and spouts). Espresso coffee cups, beakers, bowls and teapots are amongst my staples.

Technical Stuff: I work on an electric wheel (a Shimpo Whisper) and use a white stoneware clay, fired in an oxidising atmosphere to about 1260C (cone 8ish for the potters out there).

The Site

Like the pots, this site is a work in progress. Its purpose – anyway, at the moment – is to be a space where I can show images of my work, share some pot-based thoughts and let people know how and where to find me.

I’m not currently selling on-line.

This is because I make very small batches and am still playing with my designs. Therefore, my images do not always show my latest work or what I’m currently selling which makes on-line trading difficult.

The Back Story

In career 1, I worked as a pottery assistant, an art school technician, trained as an old school studio potter at Harrow Collage of Art and made everything from storage jars (sold in Covent Garden market) to abstracted wall panels (exhibited in Brixton).

Career 2, began with a four year stint as a mature student followed by nearly 20 years as a freelance writer (Times, Guardian, Studio Pottery, Restaurant and FX all took my work) followed by teaching for Open Age (activities for people over the age of 50)

Now I'm back with the pots and it feels good.

Robert S Silver